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Today, we live in a fast-paced society in the modern world. Many people are busy with our jobs and often lack of exercise, causing nervousness, constant worrying and depression. The pressure increases and will affect the human body mentally and physically, and might cause sickness.

In year 2000, Cannergy Sdn Bhd has founded and focused their businesses on the Health Care Products. The initial objective of Cannergy Sdn Bhd was to develop and markets innovative health product exclusively on promoting healthy lifestyle.

Our key strengths are customer service, strong management team and innovative marketing. For the last ten years, our company has grown tremendously, and our potential for future growth remains strong. This is due to offering excellent products at extraordinary prices across our entire product line, and giving exceptional customer service.

Our philosophy is to generate awareness and to assist more people to achieve healthier lifestyle by sharing healthy concept and to help every Malaysian to live in the healthy way. In response to the overwhelming level of consumer interest in health products, Cannergy Sdn Bhd has been actively inventing and producing award winning health products that are recognized internationally. The most popular product among all is the Twin Effect Foot Massager.


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