What is Good Quality Drinking Water?

Good quality drinking water is free of pollution and must contain plenty of mineral ions and oxygen. Oxygen is essential for the maintenance of life and health to cells, blood and organs. Water with plenty of minerals and oxygen strengthens the overall functioning of the body system, enhancing vitality and youthfulness.

  • Pure Water Needs High Pressure and Water Wastage
    The membrane filter works on the reverse osmosis principle requiring high water pressure and up to 75% water wastage due to dregs. Such water is so pure and suitable for experiments but has low water nutritional value as drinking water.
  • Bottle Mineral Water Has No Fresh Activation
    Living water has continuous water molecular movements in constant with oxygen in the air. Bottled mineral has no fresh activation and “destroy” oxygen and mineral ions. 

  • Distilled Water Loses Nutrients.
    If not living water, it is not beneficial to the body even through it is clean. Distilled water loses nutrients. Good quality water should be fresh, with dissolved mineral, nutrients and oxygen. Tests confirmed that plants and fish do not grow well with bottled mineral and minerals to grow.


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